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Go right to the core of what makes companies prosper.

Leap beyond health care to produce the world’s best employees. With an easy-to-use system that connects to local studios and gyms, employees maintain healthy lifestyles in the communities’ best fitness spaces. Employers finally get insight into meaningful data that measures employee wellness and participation.

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Easy Setup

simple to start companies
of up to 50,000 employees

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Smart Reporting

see engagement and make
decisions on the fly

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Scale Rapidly

benefits evolve as quickly
as your growing team

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Attract Talent

join the ranks of the best
employers in the industry


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With Gymfinite, organizations work out more,

healthy communities are built,

and administrative work is a thing of the past.

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How it Works

First, add your team to Gymfinite

Team members choose workouts that suit their lifestyles and schedules

Track your team's progress with detailed analytics and multiple strategies to increase engagement

Continue building your business with healthy and happy employees

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Why Gymfinite

Gymfinite was built from the ground up to benefit small to large companies. It's scalable, secure, and ready to start engaging more people's fitness routines today. All of this for as little as $1 per active employee per month.

Employees get healthier. Everyone benefits.

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