Leave the hard part to us

Scale up your fitness benefits while scaling down your work. Simplify everything from finding fitness options, scheduling, payments, and tracking. Gymfinite is the easy-to-use system that provides a network of studios, gyms and the best wellness centers in your city. Employees access their benefits on both mobile and web platforms with an enhanced user experience and lots of customization options. With scheduling access and management, payment automation, and hands-off monitoring of fitness-related employee activities, you’ll gain insight into what’s working – and what’s not.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Single Sign-on
    Log in once a day or once a year. Our set-it-and-forget it system allows you to check stats and usage whenever you’d like.

  • Scheduling
    Easily integrate popular fitness clubs and local studios. We’ll show schedules and allow employees complete freedom of fitness.

  • Receipts
    Employees can sign up for races, workshops, and fitness classes in other countries! Once the receipts are approved employees are reimbursed through Gymfinite's payment system.

  • Electronic payments
    We’ll transfer funds between your company, the gyms, and your employees. Pay only for what your employees use.

  • Fanatical support
    Questions? No problem, we’re here to help! We’ll work with you day and night so you can focus on building your teams.

How it Works

Gymfinite allows account admins to add, pause, and modify employee benefits. Set budgets and allow employees to access studios, gyms, fitness clubs, races and more. Budgets can be used to pay for access to studios and gyms or to reimburse employees who find their own fitness. We track employees' activities and give you detailed reports to allow your company to manage the benefit how you'd like.


The Best Benefits

Whether you’re a business owner interested in offering something new to your employees, or in HR looking to switch from a manual to an automated fitness benefits solution, Gymfinite provides you with the tools to achieve your goals. Keeping your employees healthy will result in a more productive workspace with minimized health care costs. Our system is perfectly suited for any size organization, from small startups to 10,000+ employee companies.


Easy, affordable, and results-driven.

Start empowering your employees today.

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