Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gymfinite?

Gymfinite is a web and mobile platform built for employers and employees, managers, admins. The software allows employees to visit studios and with an all-in-one reservation and payment system, completely eliminating the need for employees to pay one-time drop-in fees. Employees can also get reimbursed for purchases of extracurricular fitness activities, events, and registrations.

Is Gymfinite in my city?

Yes. Please let us know where you are here and we will send your more information!

How does this help my company?

  • We negotiate the best rates on workouts, anywhere. You won't find any better advertised rates.
  • Employees get healthy and increase productivity.
  • Reward employees with the best benefit - their health and happiness.
  • Be the awesome boss.
  • Support local fitness businesses.

How does this help studio owners?

  • No sign-in sheets or any other paperwork necessary
  • Studios see new people and get paid quickly for visits
  • Zero setup time for new visitors at studios
  • Employees can be more exploratory and find new studios

What if there are missing studios or gyms in your network?

No problem. We’re happy to communicate with studio and gym owners about the benefits of Gymfinite. Add them yourself from our easy-to-use “Add fitness provider” feature (in the admin dashboard) or let us know and we’ll take care of the rest.

What do I need to provide to get set up?

Just three things. A valid email address, your name, and the name of your company. We’ll ask a few questions about how you’d like your benefit to work for your employees and then we’ll give you the tools and communication tempates to invite employees to our system. This can also be done by entering individual employees or uploading a spreadsheet file (with any number of contacts) into our system. We will also send you a private link, with program details, which you can forward to your employees.

What do employees need?

Computer or a phone, internet access, and a payment method.

How long will employee setup take?

Each employee will be in charge of setting up their own account. It takes less than 60 seconds to request approval for each employee, and then less than 5 minutes to activate and create profiles. Employees can work out the same hour in which they start the process.

How many employees can use this?

As many employees as you’d like to set up! Gymfinite can handle any number of employees per company. We love small, medium, and large companies!

How does my company pay for Gymfinite?

If you are reimbursing employees then a payment method is required. Gymfinite accepts credit cards and ACH payments. We will discuss your specific program to find the best payment solution.

How safe is our information?

Very safe. We take every precaution to protect your information when you're browsing our site and when you sign up. We never store credit card data on our servers, and we encrypt sensitive information if and when it is collected. All of our pages are 256-bit encrypted. You can read our privacy policies here.

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