Gymfinite offers fitness benefits to companies of all sizes. Our philosophy is simple; put studios first and help small businesses thrive. By establishing introductions between local studios and organizations who strive to engage with their employees, we build a fitness community to be rivaled. Our simplified platform makes fitness accessible to people of all levels.

What we do

Make introductions to local companies
Simplify drop-ins and memberships
Build engagement
Provide transparent pricing
Offer discounts with clear and fair pricing
Establish unique pricing for different companies
Give studios & gyms the freedom to focus on business

How it works

Gymfinite reviews and approves your studio.

Setup is takes 10 minutes or less.

Integrate your class or open gym schedules.

Engage with approved companies through Gymfinite’s web and mobile apps.

Are there conflicts with other programs I offer at my studio?

With Gymfinite, there are no conflicts with offering other programs. Gymfinite is distinctly different because we are a private network of gyms and studios, we sell daily and monthly visits, and most importantly, we offer discounted rates to corporate partners only. There are no non-compete requirements or conflicts. We want you to run your business they way you want to run it, so you should have the flexibility to offer whichever program you’d like.

How does Gymfinite’s pricing work?

Setup is free and Gymfinite never charges anything to be included on the list of fitness providers. We’ll display corporate rates to employees of companies without compromising your published individual rates.

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